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Home Based Business: Web Site – What To Think


Whichever way you decide to set up a Web site, you need to devote a considerable amount of time and thought to planning before you begin. First browse through other business Web sites. With a critical eye, study the ones you like, those that you use yourself as well as those that you hate. And most important, check out the sites of your competitors or those in a similar business.


When you look at these sites, think about what makes them attractive or unattractive, what makes them easy or difficult to navigate. Do the sites encourage you to dig deeper, or do they confuse you so that you want to get away? Then give yourself the retention test. Think about those sites the next day. Which ones do you remember? And what is it about them do you remember?

The business owner needs to walk in his customer’s shoes. Before you build your Web site, consider what the site should accomplish and how it can do that. Your business Web site should instruct the visitor in a friendly way about how to use your site and how to read it. Here are some of the things to consider before you design the site.


How will your Web site look on a small or large screen? There are many screen sizes, from little fourteen-inch screens to the giant screens more than nineteen inches. It’s a good idea to design your site for a midsize screen.

How fast will it load into your customer’s computer? There are different connection speeds and if your site contains
lots of complex graphics, some people will not be able to download the site, or they may have to wait so long for the site to appear on their computer screen that they will lose patience and leave.


Will all of the Web browsers be able to accommodate your site? There are many Web browsers and not all are compatible. Your site may not look the same on all of them.

How easy will it be to modify the Web site? Consider the time and cost involved in keeping your site up to date. This is another critical point: the site needs to remain interesting. Your customers want to know that your site was not last modified in 1996!

There should be something useful on every page.